About us

We grow as long as the business of our clients grows.

As long as we solve more competitive tasks, our clients get a better outcome from us and pay us more.

That's because they grow. And because it's comfortable for them to grow with us.

Our mission
Инструменты маркетинга - SEO

Our mission is growing the number of successful projects.

That's just what we want: we want successful people to have more successful projects.

Living in this kind of world is what we love.

How do we make it happen? We help our clients to grow their business by creating and constantly improving high-quality marketing processes.


The key principle of our work is the clarity of processes and results.

We are qualified enough to solve both complex and simple tasks.

We are as clear as it's possible as soon as we report by our KPIs and working plans.

You can find all the money we spent for all the purposes in our reports.

People are our major value. We provide services, which means we provide the work of our people.

There are 35 people on our team, mostly product managers, technical specialists and project managers.

Both number of employees and number of cash cycle grew doubled last year.

Every employee wants more and does more.

We grow while anyone of us grows.

Adlindex does complex internet marketing.
We started in 2014. At first, we provided SEO-optimizations and advertising.

There were only four of us at that moment. The number of employees grew fivefold during the first year and further is more.

How did we get the AdIndex name?

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AdIndex is one of the Google Premier Partners. Our certified specialists confirm their knowledge of online advertising through regular tests. Google Premier Partners