3 Tips To Help Promote Your Business Online

We work in the internet marketing niche since 2013. During this time, our team has worked with eCommerce, content, HoReCa, social, and fashion projects created by middle and big businesses from Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, USA, and Europe. We’ve gained a lot of experience during these years and now want to share the most valuable tips on effective online promotion.


Head of SEO department


  1. Always answer the question 'Why should we implement it?'. This would help you analyze the result correctly.
  2. Try to understand all the processes and be involved in the contractor’s/executor’s work.
  3. Strategy comes first; implementation comes next.

Senior PPC Manager


  1. Know exactly who your target audience is and try to view your project through the eyes of this audience.
  2. Know exactly who your competitors are and do your best to be one step ahead of them.
  3. Hire those specialists that would be as involved in your project as you are and will help you implement tip 1 and tip 2.
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to implement new things. There are no rules that fit every business: each business has to find their way to success through tests and mistakes.
  5. Try to evaluate your business’s opportunities and possible results adequately.

SEO Project Manager


  1. Start thinking about promotion when a website is only on the development stage. If you decide to promote your website online, the ‘anything will do’ approach definitely won’t work. Online competition is too high, and there’ll always be those who did it better.
  2. Get involved in a project. You have to be genuinely interested in your project’s growth, understand its importance, help implement the tasks, participate in the work. We are always open to your ideas and suggestions.
  3. Know and understand your internet marketing goals. Understand why your project needs SEO, context ads, or SMM: to set specific goals, achieve them, set new ones, and move forward.

Senior PPC Manager


  1. Don’t try to hide your flaws by decorating them as something that isn’t bad at all. Your users aren’t fools and will figure this out eventually. Yes, in the first stages, a website or service that works poorly might still generate some profit, but it’ll get worse as time goes. More adequate and conscious competitors will get ahead of you on the market.
  2. Develop a high-quality website, invest money in it, and improve it all the time instead of thinking that it will work as it is. The same goes for the services you offer.
  3. Don’t be afraid to invest money in advertising. If you have high-quality service and your website is good, then the advertising will pay off (assuming that it is set up correctly).
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  1. Get involved. It won’t do to merely find the contractor, delegate all the internet marketing tasks to them, and not participate in it at all. This isn’t how it works.
  2. Improve your business constantly, especially in detail. Sure, context ads could generate you 1000 buyers, but will it be possible for your business to process all these orders, calls, and product delivery?
  3. If you are a business owner or a decision-maker, promote yourself first: write posts, tell more about yourself, your life, and your work, share interesting stories. You might think that no one will read that… however, you’re reading this article right now, right? :)

Senior SMM Specialist


  1. Come up with a plan for promotion and try to understand, who will do what, for what, and at which period? Try to be as specific as you can during each stage of the process. This will make it easier for you to analyze the result in the future.
  2. Media-planning or forecasting is an irreplaceable part of working online. You should invest as much time as possible in evaluating and testing the audiences and creative solutions. You should also track the best user funnels.
  3. Try to establish work processes with people that are comfortable to work with. At the same time, don’t hesitate to part your ways with those who make mistakes all the time and don’t want to admit them and to improve.



  1. There is no magic button.
  2. There will always be those who are better than you. Therefore, don’t stop improving your business.
  3. Always try to find something that makes YOU better.

The Conclusions

Strategy comes first; implementation comes next.

Analyze your niche, your target audience, and the existing events (if there are any). Only then start making plans on further work on a project. Many make the mistake of launching the events without a clear plan in mind. This affects both the budgets and the companies’ reputation badly.

Work on your website and your service in the first place.

Before you start promoting your business online, make sure that both your website and your service function correctly. Your ads could be the most creative, and your social media could be filled with interesting and useful content, yet if your website is poorly designed and your service quality is love, this alone could undermine all your efforts.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Of course, everything depends on a product in the end. However, if your product allows that, you can let your imagination run wild and come up with creative and unusual content. People like something creative and unique, so you can use it in your online promotion strategy. This will help you understand which kind of content your target audience likes, which content affects it, and which could be removed from your content strategy because it isn’t effective.

Get involved in the agency’s/contractor’s work.

Try to follow the recommendations a specialist gives you. Don’t be afraid to try and to become a part of this grand plan to conquer the world.

Promote yourself and your team.

There are so many media that look for niche experts. Use this opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, and experience. People like observing real people, not abstract teams that exist somewhere, and do their work quietly.

We wish you good luck with promoting and growing your project!

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