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Marketing strategy can’t guarantee a better sales result if it is not clear which channel or advertisement brings more sales. The stage of the sales funnel and user-generated sales value per time period are also necessary. Web analytics reveals all the numbers regarding those KPIs.
The business should be able to operate marketing initiatives and predict the project’s performance, basing on KPI evaluation, their correlation and well-built reporting system. It should be linked with the sales and costs numbers.
The user doesn’t make a purchase right after visiting the website. It can make a call to learn more about the product or visit an offline store. It is necessary for the business to build an analytics and correlation systems in order to value the internet marketing investment properly.
Bringing a new customer on the site is more expensive than making a resale. Knowing the number of repurchases, the business can target and limit the online marketing properly.

Analytics in marketing is a basis of optimization

Neither marketing nor business can get proper info regarding the effectiveness of issues or correctness of directions without correct analytics.


There is a plenty of analytics systems. The most common ones are Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrics.


At first, basic functionality is usually enough for the majority of projects. the thing is in proper primary settings and inner KPIs tracking.


Apart from registering in the services and plugging the tracking codes on the website for the e-commerce projects, its necessary to set up Ecommerce Tracking. Here you need to set up the additional actions tracking system, especially for content projects and service industry, and also to link the analytics data with business KPIs.


Our mission is to provide marketing and business specialists with the data for managing decision making.

What can we do about online business analytics


Minimizing the programmers involving. It’s enough to set up the Google Tag Manager in the website code for the majority of settings and data collection.


Setting up all the user activity trackings: e-commerce, clicks, form submission, page scrolling, time tracking and many other activities.


Importing and exporting the data to the CRMs and traffic control systems.


Aggregating the data from various systems into a single database.


Creating data dashboards and providing the regular reporting.


Analyzing the correlation between marketing and business KPIs.

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The result

Setting up the analytics correctly helps to get better marketing and business results. Improve, optimize, predict and develop the online business with data analytics.