Interview: Irina Mazur, Head of SMM

How did you get into the agency? How many years do you work here? How did it start for you in the first place?

4 years ago, I had to find a job as soon as possible. My acquaintances told me that SMM is in demand these days, I accidentally stumbled upon #ADINDEX SMM Manager vacancy, sent my resume and (not accidentally) got a job. At first, I was working with target ads on social media, but gradually I mastered other tools as well.

xphoto_2019-09-05_20-41-40_-_Irina_Mazur.width-1110.jpg.pagespeed.ic.SbIrdnmOtg.jfif #ADINDEX SMM team, August 2019.

You are working in the agency for quite a long time. Tell us, how did the agency change? How did people change? How did you change?

Our team grew 2 times since I started working in the agency; however, it’s not only the number of employees that matter. Our processes and the quality of our services improved as well. I didn’t even dream of becoming the head of the department, where I started working 4 years ago without any experience in the sphere. I think this job gave me the essential skills in any profession. #ADINDEX agency helped me to become more responsible, patient, diplomatic; it also boosted my strategic thinking and communication skills, and I’m thankful for that.

Screenshot_15.png #ADINDEX team, 2016.

Tell us about the things you like about your job? Is it solving complex tasks? Being responsible? Communicating with your clients and colleagues?

I rarely enjoy the process: it’s the result I’m focused on. Closed tasks, answered questions, solved complicated situations make me happy. I work on myself and get better while completing my daily tasks, and this makes me happy as well. I like it when a client is pleased: then I can relax, knowing that I did my best.

Tell us, without what #ADINDEX agency wouldn’t be itself?

Without Vadim, of course. He’s the sole of the company, and it feels in every little bit.

Tell us about your ordinary workday in the agency? Are there some tips or secrets that boost your mood and help you not to get stuck in the routine?

I try not to distract myself by looking for inspiration during the workday because it’s harder for me to focus on my work after that. However, I have a beautiful river view from my workplace. I also enjoy the days when we have English classes. I know that they’ll be interesting and fun, and it works as a recharge for me.

Screenshot_16.png Summer and winter view from Irina’s workplace.

What inspires you?

My SMM team. When we’re united and work productively. Also, watching the sunset from the office windows. It’s different and special every day.

Screenshot_17.png View on sunset from the office windows.

Which employee qualities are the most important to you for hiring? What people do you find the most comfortable and effective to work with?

It’s important for me to trust everyone I work with. To know that I can rely on these people and see that they’ll do everything to fulfill the promises they give me. It’s tough to spot these qualities (or their absence) during the work interview. However, I’m doing my best to improve my gut feeling and spot the right person. The desire to work with the team, be patient to the colleagues, and be responsible for your area of responsibility is essential to me as well.

Who is your perfect client? How should they behave? What should they react to (or maybe even offer) in your teamwork? How does the ideal ‘client-agency’ interaction look to you?

The perfect client for me is the one I can build healthy communication with. Such a client is willing to answer the agency’s question during our cooperation and could ask their own adequate questions. I like it when we don’t get involved in bureaucracy or other unproductive processes that could affect the effectiveness of our work.

How does a perfect agency look to you? What should the clients pay attention to when choosing an agency?

Are there any perfect agencies in the first place? In any case, a client definitely should pick an agency they could trust. They should listen to their gut feeling, just like I do during the work interviews. I think it’s essential to pay attention to the agency’s vision of the strategy: it should be easy for the client to understand, and it should resonate with their goals. The agency’s desire to communicate and give feedback, as well as the structure of its actions and processes, are important as well.

Which qualities and personal traits a head of the department should possess? List the most important ones.

The head of the department doesn’t have a right to make a mistake. If you miss something, it backfires at you immediately. It’s important to keep your team productive and in a good mood at the same time: you need to be flexible enough to achieve that.

Finally, tell us about your favorite work software and service you use daily?

I use the Ads Manager and Page Manager apps. I have them on my smartphone to be able to quickly manage the advertising and everything that happens on clients’ social media pages.

Screenshot_19.png SMM team at SMM conference, 2018.
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