Interview: Olena Berezovska, Head of Analytics

How did you get into the agency? How many years do you work here already? How did everything start?

I work in the ADINDEX agency for 3 years already. I got here accidentally. I’ve studied system analysis and finished web analytics courses at OWOX. I spotted a vacancy and decided to try. When I came here, I immediately liked everything here: the tasks are both interesting and complex, and my colleagues like their jobs and always learn and discover something new.

x39496792_1831314726944164_7553790993313562624.width-1110.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0d75XvfqDC.webp Meet Olena! :)

You work in the agency for quite a long time already. Tell us, how did the agency change? How did people change? How did you change?

During this time, the agency grew bigger and became more famous; the employees started getting more bonuses and benefits. It’s amazing when you see how the company grows, and you grow with it. People are the primary value of the company; therefore, changes happen only on career and professional level. It doesn’t matter if you are a Junior, Middle, or Senior: everyone always works on improving their hard and soft skills. This concerns me, too, I also do my best to improve continually.

Tell us please, what do you like about your job? Is it responsibility? The communication with clients and employees? The process of solving complex tasks?

I like my profession. I can confidently say that in my case, my work is as enjoyable to me as my hobbies are.

One of the things I like the most about ADINDEX is a large number of diverse tasks. It’s also great that everyone has the freedom to act and that there’s no bureaucracy.

Tell us, without what ADINDEX agency wouldn’t be itself?

Without the company’s principles. Respect, patience, and growth are the three elephants the company stands on. These principles help the following things work:

  • The product’s quality is the agency’s main priority and focus.
  • Everyone could express their opinion and be heard.
  • The clients are our friends; we are in the same boat, and our shared goal is the growth of a client’s business.

x23551019_911235579032033_3363166227838032130_.width-1110.jpg.pagespeed.ic.pMuV8unPnc.webp Olena speaks at the eCommerce conference in Kyiv.

Tell us about your ordinary workday in the agency? Are there some tips or secrets that boost your mood and help you not to get stuck in the routine?

Every day is different. Some are filled with operational tasks; some are filled with strategic tasks. I like working on a balcony during the warm seasons. Beautiful view on Dnipro river, fresh air — what else do you need to feel harmony, when your work rhythm is insane?

x65722871_1188352708004407_3134747877453070336.width-1110.png.pagespeed.ic.3_3wp-j1X0.webp We caught Olena at the office’s terrace.

What inspires you?

It’s hard to answer, as it’s not always the same. Sometimes it’s an interesting person that inspires me; sometimes it’s nature, a good film or a book. Even drinking delicious coffee in an atmospheric place could be an inspiration to me.

You, in fact, developed a web analytics direction in the agency. How did it start? How did the department and the service change since then?

Initially, we’ve been doing analytics for the other departments’ needs: mostly for project and account managers. Little by little, we discovered a variety of tools and approaches to setting up the collection, storage, and analysis of data. We learned a lot and understood that it would be a crime not to share this knowledge with others.

At first, we started to set up basic analytics for websites or online stores. Now we can set up end-to-end analytics, create data warehouses, automate reporting, write scripts to improve data collection, and, of course, visualize the information. Nowadays, we are a team of four, and we gradually develop a CRM marketing service.

x48408516_1417626151702302_1400768369153540096.width-1110.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VMDmZxqhOL.webp Olena, during her second Advanced Analytics certification at OWOX.

Which employee qualities are the most important to you for hiring? What people do you find the most comfortable and effective to work with?

I find it comfortable to work with anyone who’s adequate, sincere, and polite. It’s effective for me to work with people who can ask the right questions, approach the results with responsibility, are initiative and able to express their opinion, but also can hear the opinion of others. Googling is also a very important skill to have. Nowadays, it’s a must-have for everyone.

Who is your perfect client? How should they behave? What should they react to (or maybe even offer) in your teamwork? How does the ideal ‘client-agency’ interaction look to you?

I always enjoy working with clients who ask questions and look for ways to use the collected data not only for advertising campaign optimization but in other areas of their business as well.

Awesome clients who know that their participation in marketing and analytics could make the result much better than lack of such involvement.

How does a perfect agency look to you? What should the clients pay attention to when choosing an agency?

Look at the expertise, not at the packaging. Be careful if an agency promises you outstanding results. It’s impossible to predict with 100% accuracy how the market will behave and how the tools will change.

Which qualities and personal traits a head of the department should possess? List the most important ones.

A head of the department helps its amazing team become even more amazing. To achieve that, they have to know how to manage risks, resources, and time, possess a high EQ (emotional intelligence) and be fair.

Finally, tell us about your favorite work software and services you use daily?

I mostly use Google Marketing Platform products and partially Google Cloud Platform ones (there are a lot of opportunities here). I sometimes write in Python and use other analytical systems.

xS_pervogo_dnia_ia_poniala_chto_ochen_khochu_r.width-1110_5NDlao5.png.pagespeed.ic.UyLWuIymD6.webp This is our fantastic view from the office.
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