Our story

Adlindex.ua does complex internet marketing.
We started in 2014. At first, we provided SEO-optimizations and advertising.

There were only four of us at that moment. The number of employees grew fivefold during the first year and further is more.

How did we get the AdIndex name?

We're often asked regarding our name. There are lots of theories about it. In fact, it's not complicated.

At the start, we had no name for some time because we felt no need in one. Our clients used to come by the word of mouth from our friends and their friends, who helped us with online ads. Eventually, we got the task of website promotion for maxus.com.ua. That's when the need to be named came in handy. The company grew among competitors during the year and we wanted to outstand. We made a few variations and offered our client's representative to choose. He has chosen the AdIndex among other variants.

We always tend to develop. Our motto is "being better than yesterday".
Today we have dozens of successful projects in our portfolio. We have both Ukrainian and foreign clients, like УкрЗолото, Cyfra, Viknaroff, Stekloplast, Mamy.ge, Wayforpay and a lot more.

We got the status of Google Partners in 2015, participated in the Google Rising Star program in 2016 and got Premium Google Partners status in 2017.

At the moment, we provide SMM, search optimization (SEO), PPC ads, local business promotion and complex internet marketing.

We have a highly qualified team with experience in major projects. We've got marketers, SEO-optimizers, ads managers, SMM specialists, PR specialists and web analysts, who are certified by various programs and participated in relevant forums and convents.

AdIndex is one of the Google Premier Partners. Our certified specialists confirm their knowledge of online advertising through regular tests.