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SEO is the complex of activities for improving the project's performance in the searching engines. The modern SEO is much closer to the marketing than many other tools.
The constant growth of search engine traffic is one of the key features of online business on the market. Being more complicated in building than any other tools, SEO channel is the most stable and constant provider of relevant traffic for the website — but only if you organize it right. SEO is more margin and constant over the PPC-like channels.
SEO is a highly competitive environment, which means that the purpose of search engine optimization is displacing the competitors. The basis of modern SEO is a sum of analysis of market and competition. You can't choose the relevant solution according to the budget without proper analysis.
Modern SEO is more than links and web content with no technical requirements. Modern SEO is improving the website, creating and developing the content strategy, outreach and working with satellite networks. Technological effectiveness and creativity are the foundations of modern SEO.

The correctly promoted website is:

The one with the correct structure, that constantly improves technical performance indicators.

The one that "understands" what search requests and how many of them do relevant auditory search and the one optimized for those requests.

The one with a lot of useful content for its targeted audience.

The one recommended with links from another web resources with corresponding region and subjects.

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And last, but not least.

The one where the user can easily and comfortably do what you want from it — PURCHASE your item or service. We are doing this kind of SEO.

Basic SEO principles

SEO is a competitive environment.

The purpose of SEO is the improvement of basic product parameters, that influence the search traffic until the "better off competitors" level.

SEO is a dynamic environment.

It's necessary to develop the product faster than competitors.
Note that nobody can make a perfect product.

Resources are limited.

The key factor is concentration on the niche, where you can succeed, basing on your time and resources.

The best website for people is the best website for Google.

And the best product is the one that solves a user's problem better than others.

Three pillars of SEO

The main vectors of product development, considering SEO:

- technical optimization (optimizing the website parameters)
- internal optimization (corresponding of the website pages and user's requests)
- external factors (content and backlinks)

The order of works

The analysis of niche and competition

We need to understand the traffic value in your project's niche and what websites will we compete with for the place in the search results.

The analysis of the project and growth potentials

Our task is to improve your website and external backlinks in order to be better off the competitors. That's how you'll rise in the search results. In order to succeed here, we need to analyze the project parameters and define the most relevant optimization methods.

Creating the semantic kernel

We select the requests, by which we want to get visits from the targeted audience then put them in order by the frequencies and spread them among the pages of our website. Depending on our ability and the competition level we select the requests which we'll use for promotion: requests with the bigger amount of traffic and higher competition level or the ones with less traffic, where it will be easier to get the top positions.

Creating the promotion plan

We plan the traffic value and conversions, according to the promotion strategy.

Creating the brief for technical optimization.

We create a brief for fixing the mistakes. Technical updates are important for better search engine promotion.

Brief for internal optimization and copyright

We select what to write in the special meta-tags, which are invisible for users, but visible for search engines. It helps to detect what to change or add to the content for search engines to put our website in better positions for the chosen search requests.

Setting up the reports (positions, traffic, conversions)

We set up the tracking of the positions, traffic and conversions.

Growing the number of external links

We give tasks for the copywriters, contact the platforms, post the releases and build accounts on the corresponding resources.

Correcting the promotion strategy, according to results

We correct the strategy due to the market competitions changes and business goals changes.

Monthly reports

We share the dynamics of the positions and traffic, market state, conversions, tell what work did we do and how much money we spent on every task.

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The result

The complex performance brings traffic and sales growth as a result of higher positions and the site's visibility in the search engines. The main indicators of SEO success for us are the growth of a targeted search traffic and growth of sales from the organic business search channel.