What is SEO website promotion

SEO website promotion in search engines is a set of measures and actions to develop and get the Internet resource to the first positions in the search results of Google and Yandex.


The process of website promotion for its entry into the TOP-10 of the search engine (first page of the search results) usually takes from 6 to 9 months. There are no instant results in SEO. However, with the constant development and support of this channel in the long term, you can get a regular increase in traffic to the site.

Each search engine contains a number of requirements, according to which the website takes a certain place in the search results for a specific key query. Many factors influence the first lines of the search results: the quality of the content on the site, the correct implementation and use of keywords in the texts, internal and external links, website load time, etc. The task of SEO optimization is to make it as much as possible to meet these requirements in order to get on the first page in the results.

The first page in the search results is the goal of each site because, according to statistics, users primarily open links that are in the TOP of the search engine. Website ranking algorithms are constantly updated to provide users with the most useful content that meets their needs. That is why, in the process of SEO website promotion, it is essential to constantly monitor these updates and regularly optimize the content.

How is the SEO process of website optimization going? Work stages

Stage 1. Analysis of a niche and competitors

Before launching the site and the process of its promotion, you should study in detail the niche in which you are going to develop, as well as analyze the competing companies (direct and indirect). It will be easier to formulate a further promotion strategy, based on the obtained data since you will know exactly what tricks other businesses use, what resonates with their customers, and what should avoid according to their example.

Stage 2. Website analysis

If you already have a site and it is filled with content, you should analyze its current state: quality of content, technical errors, download speed, problem areas, etc. This will allow you to understand where to move further and in which direction to develop.

Stage 3. Expansion of the semantic core

Extension for existing Internet resources with content and collection from scratch - for those who are just planning to order SEO website promotion

The semantic core is a set of keywords and phrases by which your potential customers are looking for services and products that you provide.

Stage 4. Internal website optimization

At this stage, the SEO specialist takes a number of actions to improve the state of the web resource from the inside, namely:

- identification of technical errors and development of a plan for their elimination;

- introduction of the semantic core (key queries from the previous paragraph) in the title and description of pages (this is necessary for search engines);

- image optimization on the site;

- work with technical files sitemap.xml and robots.txt;

- setting up the Google Search Console;

- connecting Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics to track analytics from the site.

The purpose of the internal optimization of the web resource is the full conformity of the site with the requirements of search engines and the preparation for the next stage - external optimization.

Stage 5. External website optimization

This stage is related to content and provides the creation of articles for the site using key phrases (stage 3, collecting the semantic core).

Writing texts for a web resource is done by copywriters, while articles should be written in the most “human” language possible, be useful to the reader and be interesting. The time of texts for search robots has long passed.

Aside from the internal filling of the site, external optimization also includes works to build the link mass. The purchase of links on the external sources, the placement of materials on third-party resources, as well as the publication of PR articles in various media has a positive effect on the ranking of the site. As a result, they increase the trust of search robots in the Internet resource and help to advance in Google and Yandex TOP.

Who needs SEO website promotion

Everyone who has a website needs SEO promotion. The thing is that every year millions of new sites appear on the network. Yes, most of them are removed and not developed. However, despite this, competition for the TOP in search engine results is constantly growing. And along with this, the struggle for potential customers is getting tougher.

That is why we recommend ordering SEO promotion for the website immediately after its appearance. In any case, at the very beginning of the path, you should expect the analysis and planning process, so you need to start site promotion as soon as possible.

Why you need to order promotion from professionals

Often, search engine optimization falls on the shoulders of its owner or company employees who have minimal SEO knowledge. The result of this work will be about the same as if you decide to make the site using website builders, without involving specialists. We already wrote about what comes of it in our article about ten disadvantages of website builders. In short, there’s nothing good from such a "blind" promotion, especially if a person hasn't done SEO optimization before and knows about it only in theory.


More about the reasons:

  • You do not dig deep and never took hard knocks or drained budgets, and it is precisely that because of this knowledge and experience come to a person. By the way, employers (sensible) often pay attention specifically to the mistakes of the applicants and not really on successful projects. Because they know: those who have already committed a certain mistake will try to avoid it in the future.
  • You do not know the ropes of your particular niche, as professionals who have worked with different companies and faced a wide variety of situations can know this. They will not tell about this in books and courses, because all cases are very individual and each requires its strategy.
  • You do not know what budgets you will need even roughly. Judging by the projects of acquaintances and friends will fail, because, once again, everything is individual.

That is why we suggest not to take risks and entrust the process of website promotion to knowledgeable specialists. By the way, in SEO there is quite high competition, so finding a good professional for quite reasonable money is completely real today.

How to find such a professional and not make a mistake

Some tips for finding and selecting SEO specialists for your project:

  1. Do not believe those who promise to get into the TOP of the search results in a month. This is technically impossible because SEO is a lasting and long-distance game. The result can be felt no sooner than three months after the start of work on SEO site optimization, and you can get to the TOP Google or Yandex no earlier than six months later. Although, sometimes this option is possible, only as long as you work with a not really good specialist. Beware of such “take-offs,” because firstly, most likely, a professional uses gray or black methods of promotion (which could result in falling under the filters of search engines), and secondly, after breaking the contract with such a specialist your site will quickly fall under sanctions.
  2. Pay attention to the “transparent” SEO-specialists, who may not tell you the exact dates for “lifting” your project, but will describe in detail each step and expectations of these actions. In the course of working with such a person, you will be able to focus on the results by yourself and decide whether to continue cooperation with him (if the project went uphill) or leave (if the result is unsatisfactory).
  3. Keep in mind: you should not expect quick results. Slowness in SEO is fine. Slow and steady wins the race: a saying about search engine optimization. =) Therefore, even if you have prepared a lot of high-quality content, uploaded it to the site and expect that tomorrow there will be no end to customers, we advise you to cool off a bit and not to blame the specialist for illiteracy if everything goes according to a less optimistic scenario. If you are given high-quality, transparent reports and detail the reasons for such a slow flow, we advise you to bottom into and continue to wait. SEO specialists at ADINDEX work in such a way, you can familiarize yourself with our website promotion cases. In none of them do we say that we were able to achieve results in a month? All our achievements are the result of long and systematic cooperation with clients who knew how to wait.


Search engine optimization is not a quick process. This is a long term game, and there's no sense to wait for the results earlier than three months after the start of SEO work. Website promotion in search engines can be compared with sowing and harvesting. First, you invest resources in development, slow and systematically carry out work to get into the TOP, but then, when the time comes, collect a rich harvest in the form of traffic and sales. It’s important not to forget: after the first “fruits” appear, you need to constantly maintain this “fire”: regularly optimize the content, introduce new keywords in the texts and monitor the state of the site (do you remember the constant updates of search engine requirements?).

The ADINDEX SEO team is ready to help with the promotion and optimization of your site in search results. Call us at +38 097 735 31 33 or write to 4partners@adindex.ua. We will be happy to advise and give recommendations!

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